Sunday, October 20, 2013

Welcome to Quirk Life Balance

Welcome to my second attempt at blogging! Of course now that I've finally gotten up the courage to start a new blog, all of my creative, witty post ideas conveniently fly right out of my head. Let me start with what I intend this blog to be about, reserving the right to change my mind at any moment!

We've all heard the saying: "work life balance," which means having a good amount of your time devoted to (and enjoying) things other than work. When I dreamed up the concept for this blog, I thought it could be about any one of a myriad of niches that I enjoy outside of my work life: urban farming, couponing, being "thrifty in Tacoma," the list goes on. But what I ultimately came to is that all of the topics I would enjoy blogging about are so varied, that what holds them together is me and my QUIRKINESS. Hence, Quirk Life Balance was born.

Please join me on my journey of living life authentically, frugally and responsibly through my blog.

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