Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tights in Winter

It's the middle of winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and I am constantly in dresses with tights. Why? 

1) Because it's cold as Hoth out there.

2) Because traditional beauty standards dictate that in order to wear clothing that bares legs, one must shave. Tights allow me to hide my cavewoman legs. I like to have a little "undercoat" to keep me warm during these months, and tights hide that.

Now I'm not saying that anyone needs to shave, ever, if they don't want to. I'm just saying that one of the beauty standards that I can't break myself of is unshaved legs in public.

What are your thoughts on hairy legs? What's your comfort level?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Julep Maven Box - Free Box!

I just got an amazing deal on Julep nail polish and I thought I'd share it with my friends because it is a smoking' deal! Please stop reading now if nail polish doesn't interest you....

First, follow this link:

You will see Julep's Maven Boxes, a subscription-based service which sends you nail polish in the mail every month for 1, 3, 6 months and so on. You can sign up for one month at a time, and get it free by choosing the one month option and entering FREEBOX in the promo code box at checkout. I signed up for one month only, thus getting it free.

Then right before checkout, you'll be offered all sorts of significantly discounted items, and right now the website is running some other discounts that get added to your account automatically. Thus, I ended up with $80 worth of product for $39 out of pocket (I included a screenshot if you wanted to see how it worked)! You don't have to add-on any items if you don't want to, you could just get the one month box free.

If you end up doing this deal and use my referral code, I would be grateful!
 Also, please note that if you do not wish to keep receiving Maven boxes, you must cancel your subscription.

Welcome to Quirk Life Balance

Welcome to my second attempt at blogging! Of course now that I've finally gotten up the courage to start a new blog, all of my creative, witty post ideas conveniently fly right out of my head. Let me start with what I intend this blog to be about, reserving the right to change my mind at any moment!

We've all heard the saying: "work life balance," which means having a good amount of your time devoted to (and enjoying) things other than work. When I dreamed up the concept for this blog, I thought it could be about any one of a myriad of niches that I enjoy outside of my work life: urban farming, couponing, being "thrifty in Tacoma," the list goes on. But what I ultimately came to is that all of the topics I would enjoy blogging about are so varied, that what holds them together is me and my QUIRKINESS. Hence, Quirk Life Balance was born.

Please join me on my journey of living life authentically, frugally and responsibly through my blog.